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We Understand You

We work to understand your business, its goals and its issues, bringing extensive
sector knowledge and experience to the task.

We Walk With You

We walk and work with you every step of the way, offering continual attention – not just at the year-end. Our reporting is clear and accessible, avoiding jargon.

We are pro-active

We adopt a risk-based approach, carrying out an up-front risk assessment that
focuses on your business’s key concerns and identifies potential threats.

Focus on your business

We adopt a risk-based approach, carrying out an up-front risk assessment that
focuses on your business’s key concerns.


Our Mission,
And Vision

Growing successful organizations

We provide business and tax support services to organizations so that they can overcome their internal and external challenges to growth and stability.


What we bring to you


Whether your business needs to ensure compliance by law, at the request of a financier or to provide impartial evidence for key stakeholders, our range of audit and assurance services will ensure you cover all bases and act on valuable recommendations at every turn

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Advisory Services

We work with you to help manage your business affairs, providing insightful advice to increase your profits, minimise your tax liabilities, plan for a secure financial future and achieve your business and personal goals.

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Internal Audit

Internal audit is concerned with evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes in an organization. To do this, RWK &Associates works with each client management team to systematically…

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Accounting Services

RWK & Associates is here to provide your businesses with outsourced accounting services at a reasonable cost basis. We tailor make simple accounting and financial solutions to meet specific needs in any organization …

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Businesses face the increasing pressure of ever more rules and regulations, with tax
complexities often consuming a large amount of management time and effort. We will help you incorporate tax efficiency into your business planning and decision-making…

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We have been involved in very successful tax trainings. Our goal is to dispense knowledge to finance and tax professionals in order to build their core tax knowledge by simplifying the complexity of tax. This is …

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    Mary AumaLand Lady

    Thank you for the prompt service delivery. I will make sure I refer some of my clients to your company on matters to do with rental tax.

    David Mwangi Trainee

    I attended the training programs organized by RWK Associates and the wealth of knowledge shared was immense

    Christine Land Lady

    When the rental tax issue came up, I visited RWk associates office and was given better understanding on the issue

    James Wekesa Client

    We have worked with RWK associates for a while now and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone

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